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Kenney Legal Defense is one of the premier criminal defense firms in Newport Beach, California that also offers criminal expungement services.   If you were convicted of an offense that continues to haunt you, call us to get the help you need to clear your record.  Kenney Legal Defense assists clients in “turning over a new leaf” after they have already paid the price for a past criminal transgression.  Stop suffering from your past mistakes and make the one call to us that can help change your entire future.

If you are sick and tired of getting passed over for a new job because of your criminal past, we can help.  Depending on what type of conviction you suffered, you may be able to erase it from your record entirely and move on with your life free from the detrimental effects of a criminal conviction.  We offer the following types of services for your post-conviction needs;

  1. Record Expungement Services
  2. Sealing an Arrest Record
  3. Felony Reduction to a Misdemeanor Offense


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